Wilhacks 2.0

An online hackathon for high schoolers, run by Wilcox High School's Programming Club, on 9-10 April

Friday, 9th April, 6:00 PM PST - Saturday, 10th April, 9:00 PM PST

About The Event

About The Event

WilHacks 2.0 is a virtual, 27 hour hackathon run by Wilcox High School's Programming Club. Work in teams of up to four to create unique projects and win cool prizes! We encourage and welcome any high school student to participate, regardless of programming experience.




Friday to Saturday
9-10 April 2021

Event Speakers

Galicia Gordon

Galicia Gordon

Workshop Speaker

Shivaal Roy

Shivaal Roy

Workshop Speaker - Scio

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule, all times are in PST!

This will continue to get updated at Wilhacks 2.0 gets closer, and the exact time of events may be adjusted over the course of the hackathon

Official Start!

The official start of Wilhacks 2.0! Introduction, Rules, and Sponsors

Start of Coding + Group Mixer

Get into groups and start coding!

Idea Brainstorm Workshop

Stuck on what to make for the hackathon? Join the workshop to get help!

EchoAR Workshop

Learn how to make an app in VR using EchoAR in less that 15 minutes! Hackathon apps using EchoAR will be eliglibe for prizes from the EchoAR team.

Scio Worshop - Shivaal Roy

Learn about experience of working in the computer science industry!

Mentorship Period 1 - Start

Mentors will become available for help on projects.

Mentorship Period 1 - End

Mentors will be available again tomorrow.

Game Time!

Play Kahoot with a prize for first place!

Blackout Period - Start

All the online activities organized by the Wilhacks Team will be put on hold and will start again at 6 AM. You can, and in fact are encouraged to, keep working through this time!

Blackout Period - End

All the online activities organized by the Wilhacks Team will be restarted.

Mentorship Period 2 - Start

Mentors will be avaliable to help on projects again.

Mentorship Period 2 - End

Mentors will be available again at 2:00 PM

Game Time!

Participate in a fun online escape room either solo or with a partner. A prize will be given to the first two teams to win.

Mentorship Period 3 - Start

Final opportunity to get help from mentors

Mentorship Period 3 - End

End of mentorships.

Game Time!

A fun scavenger hunt where you have to find specific images on the web. Prize for first place!

End Coding!

Make sure your poject is ready to be submitted!

Round 1 Presentations

Groups will present their projects in order to qualify for the next round.

Expanding Ideas Workshop - Galicia Gordon

Learn how you can expand your apps beyond the scope of the hackathon!

Round 2 Presentations

Groups that qualified from the first round of presentations will present their projects again in more detail.

Awards Ceremony

Winners from the various categories will be announced!

Official End

The official ending of Wilhacks 2.0


More sponsors will be announced closer to the date of the hackathon!
If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us here


  • The goal of a hackathon is to create fully functioning software by the end of the event. The software can be a website, an app, a game, and so on.

  • While coding and programming is a huge plus, teams will also need people with excellent ideas and strong presenting skills.

  • The hackathon is open to any high school students or home schoolers in the equivalent grade.

  • Teams can be between 1-4 people. There will also be an opportunity to meet new people and form teams during the hackathon .

  • The hackathon will take place from Friday April 9th to Saturday April 10th. It will be 27 hours long, including three hours of judging time. There will be 24 hours to create a project starting at 6pm PST on Friday and ending at 6pm PST on Saturday. Judging will start at 6pm PST on Saturday, and end at 9pm PST.

  • The hackathon is completely free to attend!

  • There are various prizes for various categories. You can view them on our prizes section. All of the prizes will only be shipped within California, USA.

  • The judges will be announced closer to the date of the hackathon.

  • Check out the link attached below: it has all the projects submitted in Wilhacks 1.0, and all the winners. click here


The listed prizes will be given to each individual member of a team (up to 4). Some prizes were changed due to unforeseen conflicts.

1st Place

  • Airpods

  • Or Equivalent
2nd Place

  • Airpods

  • Or Equivalent
3rd Place

  • Google Home MiniOr Equivalent

Best Beginner Hack

  • Keyboard Mouse Combo

  • Or Equivalent
Crowd favorite

  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB

  • Or Equivalent

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